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Braided bun in fashion: From messy to posh!


Braided buns give more weightage and volume to the bun. They look very sophisticated and are manageable. Since braids are in fashion today, braided buns are commonly seen. The hairstyle is quite popular among red carpet people and some one or the other adorns it. You can try the messy braided bun or the sophisticated braided bun. For the messy one, you need to keep the combing minimum and use the styling products very less, keeping the frizz high. For a sophisticated bun you need to use heavy mousse, hair spray, good combing and then braiding and bunning. To get this hairstyle, wash and condition your hair properly. Use mousse. Comb and collect all hair at the crest of your head. Make a simple tight plait out of it by dividing the hair into three sections and then interwining them. Tie a band at the ends. Now to form a bun, hold the ends in the right hand and the middle portion of the plait in the left hand and give a twist to form a loop within. Pass the ends through this loop and then make this loop forcibly wrap the neck of the plait. If your hair is long, give two or more twists. That makes the volume of the bun. This is one style of making braided bun. You can even give a single fold upwards and tie the plait with pins to form another style. you can form a sophisticated tight bun with the plait by concentrically wrapping the plait. Have a look.

Wassup new: Use glitter thread to adorn the plait and it looks very gorgeous to see a glittery braided bun.

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