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Hairstyle With Dutch Braid


A Dutch braid hairstyle is very similar to a French braided hair, but this style will sit on top of the hair. This style is considered to be a basis for various beautiful braided hairstyles such as a halo braid and other variations of the milkmaid braid. Most of the celebrities like this hairstyle as it can make them look more beautiful. You can achieve this style at your home by following these simple methods.

To start the styling process, dampen the hair by spritzing water all over and then use a wide toothed comb to remove the tangles from your hair. Divide the hair straight down the middle of your head for making one Dutch braid on both the side or you can just leave the whole head in one section to start the braiding. Select a section of hair from top center of your head and separate it into three different parts. Now braid the hair by moving the center piece outside the braid. While creating a French braid you will be moving the outside sections of hair into the center and in a Dutch braid, you must move the center hair out to the sides. Whenever the hair is taken out, you will take up a new section of hair. Continue to braid the hair until you reach the end of the section by adding new hair to the braid at each turn. Finally mist all over the hair with a finishing spray to end.

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