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The loose front poof hairstyle: Front poof with a twist!!


We may have seen girls swirling around with front puffs or poofs as they are known and have tried it basically with every hairstyle we know ranging from buns to ponytails to updos. Front poof with twist of making the poof loose without tying it down to scalp gives an edge to the whole hairstyle. It might seem difficult but as usual we make it easy for you here.

To have this front poof hairstyle, you need to comb well your hair after proper shampoo and conditioner. Pick up a small section of your hair from top front as shown. Clamp it for further use. Now, from the sides, take up a section absolutely adjacent to the poof hair and comb it well, smearing it with hairspray and then combing it up. Join the two sections coming from both the sides and pin them up in the centre. Comb well rest of the back hair and make sure they are manageable. Apply mousse over them and comb them, letting them loose. Now coming back to the front top clamped section of hair, make a poof out of it by raising your hair. If you have thin hair and have difficulty in making the poof, pull the bottom part of this section of hair and back comb it. Back combing will collect the shorter hair into a mess and that will give height to the poof. Attach the poof to the top of the head with pins or rubber band. ย Comb well the top part and then make it rest on the teased section of hair. Now spray generously on the poof and comb it on the outside with lighter strokes to give a cleaner look. Your poof is done!! You may even go for taller poofs for adding height to your persona and flaunting newer styles.

Wassup new: This hairstyle can be simple and casual and can look very classy and chic with loose hair. The hairspray will aid in making the hair stay at their place. A poof adds height to the face and gives elegance. Flaunt it!!

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