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The side and back poof hairstyle: Newer posh hairstyle!!


We may have seen girls flaunting front poofs but here we bring another poof hairstyle comprising of a big side and a back poof made and decorated with utmost sophistication. Poofs may be difficult to make and that too if the back section of hair is to be transformed into some creative hairstyle.

To have this look, you need to comb well your hair after proper shampoo and conditioner. Pick up a big section of your hair from the top front form one side as shown. Take a small comb and move it through the hair to and from while holding the ends with the other hand. Make a poof out of it by raising your hair and attaching pins. Back combing will collect the shorter hair into a mess and that will give height to the poof. Attach the poof to the top of the head with pins or rubber band. Now spray a little on the poof and comb it on the outside with lighter strokes to give a cleaner look. Your front side poof is done. Take the rest of the back hair and backcomb it likewise. Hold up the hair when done and give a single fold and raise the hair to make a poof. Attach pins underneath. Tuck in the ends to make a cleaner look visible. On the opposite side of the front poof, attach some metal leaves to decorate the hairstyle. You might use a small bow too. Try it!! Β You may even go for taller poofs for adding height to your persona and flaunting newer styles.

Wassup new: This hairstyle is very classy and chic and very posh. A true red carpet experiment. It adds height to the face and gives elegance. Flaunt it!!

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