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Fake Fohawk Hairstyle


A fake fohawk hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who don’t want to cut their hair. Most of the women don’t prefer a fohawk hairstyle as they have to cut their hair. For those people a fake fohawk can be the alternate style which doesn’t involve any cutting of hair. There are two methods that can be followed to achieve this hairstyle such as for people with short or medium-length hair and any length hair.

For those who have short or medium-length hair, first they must pin up the hair at the crown of your head using a clip to make it stay away from your way. Collect the hair from sides of the head and then comb it up towards the crown with a gel. Secure the hair with bobby pins and apply a little amount of gel on the hair at the crown to create a longer fohawk. You can also curl the hair with a curling iron and pin it down. Now the hair will become smooth on the sides and it will stick on the top as well as in the back of your head like a fohawk. To style the hair on any length, first apply a gel all over the hair. Then take two-thirds of hair at the top and leave out a section in the front to make a high ponytail. Create another ponytail under the first ponytail and style the front section as a fohawk using a gel.

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