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Messy thick side plaits: Perfectly girly!


This hairstyle is a side plait with messy thin flicks strewn over. The hair style manages to create its own impression around keeping in touch with the messy look that is quite popular these days. The look is quite feminine, girly and looks elegant. To create this hairstyle, start with a proper wash and a conditioner. Use hair smoothing serum. Blow dry and comb well. Now leave the comb aside once you have combed well. Using your fingers collect all hair at the nape of your neck. While holding the hair on the back, pull out a few flicks on the front on both the sides. Make sure they are thin and messy. Now weave up a plait on the back by splitting up the hair into three sections. Wind up first section under the middle one and over the third. From the other side, pull over the third section over the middle one and under the first one. Keep repeating these rounds till you reach the ends. Tie a silicon rubber band two inches from the ends. Make sure you have not tied the plait too tightly. Pull out a few flicks from the plait itself. Give a shot of hair spray and you are done!

Wassup new:  pull up the bangs on the front. Make sure they are thick to keep in pace with the thick plait hairstyle. If your hair are thin, attach extensions of the same color or different, if you want your hairstyle to be bolder and out of the ordinary. The look is very girly and can take years off your age. Try this and keep the plait on the front, towards a side.


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