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Waterfall Braid With Curls


Having a waterfall braid with curls can be a perfect choice of hairstyle for those who have long hair. This hairstyle can look a little different from the standard waterfall braid where the hair will be left long and straight. In this hairstyle the hair will be styled into a beautiful waterfall braid and the hair that will be hanging out will be curled with the help of a styling tool.

Start the styling by dividing a bunch of hair on any one side of the front hairline. Next separate it into three strands like one in the top, below and bottom. Move the bottom strand over the center one and pull center one forward. Then move the top strand over the remaining strand and make it new top strand to make the old top strand the new center strand. Now move the new strand from below the braid and take a thin strand from top braid to combine it with your top strand. Continue the braiding process away from your face and create the length of the braid as per your desire. Make sure that the braid runs along the side of the head with loose strands which must be pulled forward. Next braid the three strands and secures it as usual with hair elastic. At last curl the loose strands that fall on the side of your head using a curling iron and style the hair as per your desire.

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