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Deborah Ann Woll’s flat poof bun: Blonde hair in style!


Deborah Ann Woll’s hairstyle is a much adored hairstyle that perfectly suits her face cut. Her blonde hair color goes with her skin tone. Her hair are all tucked up nicely giving an impression of not being so hippie yet being so girly and full of energy hairstyle. Try this for sure. It looks feminine and has a great appeal.

To create this hairstyle, you need first to shampoo your hair with a volumising wash. Next you must condition it deeply. Now make two sections of your hair horizontally. The front section must be small and the beck section must be large. Make the sections from ear to ear going up from one ear to crest of the head to other ear. Clamp the front section with a hair clip. Open the front section and comb it well. Use a little hair gel to dab onto the front sectioned hair. Now, make a flat front poof. Raise the front hair to create height and fix pins on behind. Now make a ballerina bun with the back section. For this you need to twist all the hair into a thick ponytail and then holding the ends in one hand, give clockwise twists till it forms a loose sausage. Wrap this sausage around the neck of the ponytail to form a ballerina bun. Now pin the ends in. Secure with bobby pins. Give a shot of hair spray and your bun is ready!!

Wassup new: In case your hair is not colored, you can use a temporary hair spray to create different patterns on your buns like round black or blue streaking on the bun. Enjoy the look!!

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