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Fluffy front raisers: Hairstyle at spring 2012 by Richmond!


Models showed an imposing hairstyle that demanded authority and class. The models adorned a fluffy front raised poof kind of hairstyle that had been tucked back at the end with the pins into a loose but firm bun. Since the messy look is set on road this season, apparently every hairstyle has its origin from the cult so does this hairstyle. The hairstyle needs patience to be built up and can be casted with sheer practice. Lets do this one now.

Start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothing serums since we want out hairstyle to carry on with the messy outlook. Comb well and blow dry. Make two sections, front and back. Now, take all of the front section and comb it nicely leaving the back section as such. Take the front section in one hand, holding the ends and with a nice tight comb back comb it or tease it till you get a nice fluffy texture of the hair strands that will aid in increasing the height and volume of the hair. Raise this section of hair and attach it with pins behind. Give a dash of little hairspray and lightly move the comb through the outermost portion of the poof. Hold the rest of the back section, give a fold and attach it above with pins into an updo or make a ponytail and wrap the tail around its own neck to make out a bun. Keep the pins tucked in for safety. Your look is done after a shot of hairspray.

Wassup new: Try imagining a series of colors transmissed onto the flat raisers. They are gonna come out very influential! Try different things way out!

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