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Keri Hilson With A Bowl Cut


Keri Hilson has got a beautiful bowl cut which is one of the best ways of styling the hair that is short. It became popular in the late twentieth century where it was known as a counterculture style. This hairstyle was received well in places like America where most of the teenagers used to wear it. Even though this style started to fade away in the 1990s, it emerged again very strongly among the teenagers. In the olden days, this hairstyle was created by just placing a bowl or a pot on the head and cutting the remaining hair. Just follow these steps to create this style at home.

There bowl cut can be done in different ways which includes a short and shaven bowl cut, where you will have longer hair on top of your head along with shaven sides. To create this hair style, first shave your hair that is below the line of a bowl placed on the head and make sure to comb the hair before starting the procedure. Another way of styling a bowl cut is with bangs which are considered to be a modernized way of styling your hair. For this, first shave your hair that is below the ear line and start cutting the remaining hair straight across your ear line. Trim the bangs above your brow line and drawing attention to the eyes. At last is the long, layered bowl cut which can be styled only by a hair stylist.

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