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Fan Bing Bing retro brunette curly hairstyle: Covering with an upside bandana!


Fan Bing Bing adorns a perfect vintage hairstyle that takes us back to the era that wore tight colored curls and those looked absolutely cute. Her hairstyle is a memoir reminding us of the women of higher class who used to spend hours on their hair and the result, you can see on Fan Bing Bingโ€™s hairstyle!

To create this hairstyle, get a perfect hair color that goes with these tight curls. All you need is tiny curls preferably in a monotone such as red or dark copper or jet black. Make about numerous sections of hair and start section by section. Take a thin pencil curling rod and start work strand by strand, wrapping the sections and then curling them. Do not open the curls. Let them remain as tight as they can be. Curl even the flicks or bangs that hang on forehead so that the curls may swing and it gives a vintage look. When done, take whole of hair and give them a half roll and tie them up at the crest of head with pins. Make the ends of curls dangle down. Pull out one or two curly flicks from behind the ears. Give a shot of hairspray and there you go!! You might attach an upside bandana with its knots on the forehead exposing the hairstyle you have just made. You just created the vintage era back!

Wassup new:ย  Take a thin metal headband with some small gems on it and place it about one inch from margin of forehead. Make some small curls hang from underneath the headband on the forehead. You look eye-catching! Grab compliments!

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