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Flat half tie poofs: Tall poofs with that glory on!


Tall poofs are very popular these days and these hairstyles can be seen on girls adorning them in every corner of the street. The girls love this look and probably it is because of the class and the feminine appeal it makes. Nevertheless, the trend isn’t going to loose its way out soon. Have a look at the models wearing tall poofs with half tied hair. To create this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair properly and blow dry. Straighten up your mane by dividing it into small sections. Now, take a small front section of hair and holding the ends with one hand, backcomb it to give height and volume.  Raise the part to form quite a tall poof and attach it with pins on the back. Take out the side chunks of hair and attach them in middle using pins or hair clips to give a half tie look. To the front poof, give a shot of hairspray and comb it with a tight comb jut lightly so that the comb just smears its face. Give a dash of hairspray all over and you are done!!!

Wassup new: Attach hanging chains on the back and decorate the hairstyle with flowers and beads. Sure to catch some eyes though!!

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