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Juno Temple’s messy stranded hair look! : Hippie hairstyle in simplicity!


Since we know that the messy hair trend is on we can go to any lengths to keep it going well, the celebs love it and so do we! Juno Temple looks quite girly and hippie kind. Her hairstyle is fluffy, messy and each hair strand is on display exquisitely.  The messiness goes a way beyond the limit and juno looks absolutely chic. The hairstyle can match any outfit to be worn and as this summer’s trend goes on, it’s the favourite among the red carpet walkers! To get this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Do not use straightening serums. Blow dry without combing. Now, make a few sections of hair and tease the root portion well without hampering the mane. Teasing is done with moving the comb to and fro among a section of hair and creating volume and height altogether. Now make about two sections of hair randomly and tightly braid up those sections staring from the roots and loosening the plait as the ends near up. There might be a problem using the dry frizzy hair into making plaits, you may use hair serum when you feel difficult. Tie a silicon band at the ends of the plaits. Give a shot of little hairspray and you are done!! The messy hair stranded look is awesome!

Wassup new: Try weaving some glitter thread along with it and add some edge to your hairstyle. You may use a sleek headband to accompany the messy hairstyle. Its out of the ordinary and carefree! Be a hippie!

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