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Nicole Scherzinger With A Ribbon Braid


Nicole Scherzinger has got a very unique hairstyle with a ribbon braid. It can be a very charming hairstyle for women of all ages and it is also liked by kids. Braiding a ribbon to the hair can also make your hair look more stylish and it can be added to any type of hair whether it is short, medium or long. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for girls who are in participating in any contest in their school. You can try to bring out all the fun which was achieved when you were young with this hairstyle. Just follow this simple method to create this style.

First select a preferred method which you will add the ribbon into your braid or you can add a ribbon once the braid is created. Select the color of a ribbon which will suit your hair and most of the people will consider all textured or patterned styles. Divide the hair into different sections depending on the braid that will be created and start tying the ribbon around several strands tightly secured in place. Take the section of hair which is behind your ears and braid it in a normal way and add a piece of ribbon in one of three sections. Secure the braid with elastic and never leave the ribbon excess from the braid. Try to add different color and textured ribbon to the braid which will make it more attractive.

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