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Isla Fisher’s ultra straight braided hairstyle: Show the mutation!


Isla fisher’s hairstyle is rewarding and one of my favourite. Very peppy, girly and full of creativity that shows right there. The hairstyle can be worn at any event from simple occasion to an award ceremony. Since straight hair are almost seen in rarity these days, this hairstyle combines features of a hair braid and ultra sleek manes to get that mutated effect that can be worn anywhere. To get this hairstyle either you might need to go for rebonding first or you need to ultra straighten your hair with irons. If your hair are too much curly, you might need a rebonding. Have a proper hair wash, condition the tips and then use hair smoothing serums. Now, you may use flattening irons or a hair straightener. Make thinner sections and straighten up each section one by one. Take a small section on top of your hair and start grading it backwards. Braiding is similar to plaiting but an additional lock of hair is added in each weave from the loose hair that are adjacent to the braid. Make a plait by dividing this chunk of hair into three further sections and then passing one left section over the middle one and under the right one. Similarly repeat it with right section by passing it through the middle and then under the left. Tie a silicon band where you want it to end. Give a shot of hairspray and your look is done!!

Wassup new: Braid with glitter thread or use beads or you may use a crystal on the end. Take a temporary hair color and spray up different streaks of bold hues over the sleek loose part of the hairstyle. Flaunt it girlie!

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