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Messy apple top knots: Muddled sexy hairstyle!


Since the messy look is in these days we offer every hairstyle in a messy avatar. And beautifully it comes out great! Just as these apple buns on the top of the head look awesomely appealing. Isn’t it. This hairstyle is easy and comfortable and you do not need the regular touch ups as in loose hair. Top knot buns have a feminine factor that gives elegance a new coefficient. It is considered polished and manageable though the hairstyle comes under messy category. To have this hairstyle, you need to first have a good wash with a volumising shampoo and a conditioner. Do not apply hair serum to settle down frizz and but you might apply little shiner to give your hair a lustre. Do not comb the hair. Collect your hair into a tight ponytail at the top of your head. Tie it with a rubber band and make sure the ponytail is tight. Now, if you have afro textured hair it will be easy for you to make a top knot otherwise you need to make volume for your bun. Make multiple thin sections of your ponytail and using a tight, small comb start teasing them. Backcomb them by moving the comb through the hair to and fro without stopping. This will give volume and height to the hair. Repeat this teasing to all the sections of the ponytail. Collect all volumed hair and twist it clockwise to form a loose sausage. Wrap the sausage around the neck of the ponytail, shaping it into a round bun on top. In the process, cover the neck of the ponytail too. Fix with bobby pins wherever needed. Keep spraying hair spray in between. Your top knot is done!

Wassup new: You may use hair extensions in your ponytail if your hair is short or use hair cushions for giving extra volume and height. This messy style is lovable. Muah!

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