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Nicky Hilton’s thin wrapped up side plait: Creating newer hairstyles every day!


Nicky Hilton is pretty and is an eye beholding beauty and so is her today’s hairstyle. Absolutely different, creative and impressive the same time! She knows how to carry it well, flaunt with her short dress and make the most of it. Have a look. The hairstyle is a thin plait that is wrapped up by another section of hair giving it a twisted plait effect. To get this sexy hairstyle, start with a basic wash and then deep conditioning. Use hair smoothing serums to blow down heavy frizz and use mousse. Blow dry. Give your hair a side part and make a ponytail at the side of your head, near the neck just below the ear. Tie a silicon band around. Make two sections of this ponytail and clamp up one section for further use. Make a plait out of the other section by dividing this chunk of hair into three further sections and then passing one left section over the middle one and under the right one. Similarly repeat it with right section by passing it through the middle and then under the left. Weave the plait till the ends and then apply some hair gel to the ends so that they stay their place and the plait doesn’t open up. You may even attach hair bead at the end. The plait should be very tight. Now pen up the clamped hair and comb it properly. Wrap it around the plait on the top like a snake twist and then gradually come down till the hair length ceases. Fix with beads or pins where it finishes. Let the plait be seen from below. Give a shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is a matter of envy!

Wassup new: Keep minimal accessories with this hairstyle and flaunt it with day dresses. You can even wear it at a red carpet event but then you need to make it more messy. Enjoy!

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