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Rachel Fox’s ultra straight hair: Sleekness in the peek!


The look is sexy,awesome and pretty, secondly it compliments her off white dress, isn’t it. The beautiful long tresses have been mesmerized with elegance by the straightened effect of her hair. Straight rebonded hair are easy to touch up need very little maintenance and the look is carried off very well by people of all ages.  You need not do much to get this simple hairstyle. After a wash and conditioning, use anti frizz serum on your hair. Now using straightener, make your mane ultra straight by dividing hair into smaller sections. Use hair mousse. Give a side partition and then give a last shot of hair spray. You may color your hair to create some difference. Attach some crystal on the side or use a headband with it.

Wassup new: You may use any combination of hair colors like particularly rainbow, more on the green side, more on yellow, more on red etc.  Give longitudinal streaks or horizontal ones. Color your roots or ends or both. Temporary hair colors last a single wash so you can experiment with them more. Try on!

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