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Hairstyle With Poodle Curls


Hairstyle with poodle curls is a very unique way of styling the hair for any special event. This hairstyle has been inspired by Lucille Ball as it was first worn by her. To get this style there are many things that must be considered like the length of the hair must be at least medium to long to make the curls look big. This style is easy to achieve if the hair is curly or for any other type of hair you must be using different types of styling tools depending of the hair to get it done.

To create this hairstyle, begin the styling process by washing your hair as usual. Next when the hair becomes fully dry, create different sections of hair all over the head and try to set each of them in small rollers. You must make sure that the hair left for in the roller for a long time and most of the women prefer to leave their in the roller overnight. Some of them prefer to sit under a hot hair dryer to make the hair completely dry and get the curls. After removing the roller, try to comb the hair from bottom to up. You can also place the comb at the back and sides of the hair to create a poof to the poodle curls. At last mist all over the hair with a little amount of shining spray to make the style look more attractive.

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