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Nicky Hilton’s chunky curls: Polished to perfection!


Nicky Hilton as her sister keeps up to the mark in Fashion. Each hair at place for the babe! Here she adorns a simple chunky curled hairstyle that makes her face appear more beautiful and attractive. The hairstyle is very feminine, soft and appealing. The curls are beautiful and shiny and above all neatly done. They make the hair appear voluminous and heavy.

To get this hairstyle, you need a proper wash with a volumising shampoo and then a curl promoting conditioner. Apply some anti frizz serum and blow dry. Make a center partition of the hair. Take a thick curling rod. Take a thick section of hair and start curling them. When given enough heat, release the curls by moving the curling rod downwards so that the curls have a longitudinal effect. Produce voluminous curls throughout the mane. On the front, if you have bangs, curl the bangs towards a side and towards outside. When done, release these curls longitudinally too. Now using your fingers, open up the curls by slowly moving them between from upside down. Do not do this more than once. Give a shot of hair spray and your chunky curly look is ready!

Wassup new: Try wearing a crystal head band with this hairstyle, it will promote your oomph and help you win more compliments. You might even try wearing a side crystal with it. You look awesome!

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