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Alexa Vega’s longitudinal curled chignon: Curls falling over the face!


What hairstyle to chose better than curls to define panache and class. Neat and suave curls, dried and muddled up in a chignon at the nape of the neck with longitudinal curls hanging over the face are an every woman’s red carpet dream. Alexa Vega defines this dream and makes us realize this can be so feminine and sophisticated hairstyle to adorn at any main event. The look is very polished and spreads oomph. Have a look. To create this hairstyle, start with a basic wash with a shampoo and condition the tips properly. Use abundant mousse to get a polished effect. Now, comb the hair properly and give a center partition. On damp hair, make numerous thin sections of hair and take a thin pencil curling rod and curl up each section one by one. While releasing them from the rod, pull the curls longitudinally or vertically so as to let them fall and break the curls into hanging spirals. Let two long spirals hang over the face on both sides. Collect up all spirals at the back using your fingers and give two three folds towards upside and fix them with pins at the nape of the neck. Give a shot of hairspray and your hairstyle is done!

Wassup new: Wear a shining crystal on the side or in the middle of the chignon. You look very charismatic with this hairstyle! Compliments are here!!

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