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Blake Lively’s messy side plaits: Crystalled for effect!


I can die for this messy hairstyle! The hairstyle is so mesmerizing and attractive that it hardly lets the eyes turn their gaze to the wonderful dress accompanying the look. So wonderful is this messy side plait that it actually makes out the look of the red carpet. The hairstyle consists of two side plaits that are tied along with loose hair at the ends to give a messy charm that turns out to be magical for the lady. The added crystal at the side steals away the whole attention and it is the best place for it to rest. To create this sexy and newer hairstyle, start with basic wash and conditioning.  Use a good dab of mousse. Blow dry. Comb with your fingers only. Do not use a comb. Collect all hair to one side of the neck on the front and pull out longer flicks from both the sides.  Now, take out two big locks of hair from the collected hair and let the remaining hair loose. Make out two plaits from the locks and at the end let the two inches remain. Tie one silicon band to both the plaits and let the loose hair be tied along with the plaits at the end. Take a big crystal and attach it at the neck of the plaits taking along the loose hair to form a loose bondage at the neck. Pull out a few more flicks from the plait and give a shot of hairspray. You are the Blake Lively Today!

Wassup new: Use bigger sized crystals to adorn your look with and flaunt it at a bigger event. Bring home the compliments!



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