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Emma Roberts playful loose hair: Energy bountiful!


She looked fabulous in ‘The wild child’ and keeps her image resembling here too! This hairstyle of Emma is pouring life into masses and with it she displays her playful side. The hairstyle is simple, sleek, feathered and puts years off your age. Try it. To have this hairstyle, you need proper wash and conditioning. Use mousse on wet hair. Comb and then blow dry. Dab on some hair smoothening gel and spray on a little. Now, make a side partition. Divide your hair into small thin sections. Take a straightener and straighten up each section. Straighten up the ends too. Keep spraying hair side by side to make them look chic. When done, give a last shot of hair spray and your chic look is done! You can sport this look to any event, be it red carpet to any office meet or even a day lunch, this look is easy and works! Don’t forget to move your fingers through the hair to give a natural feel. For more effect, get a feather haircut with slant cuts that makes each hair strand look full.

Wassup new: To give a little edge to your straight hairstyle, spray on hair color spray to about an inch of the center partition on both sides of it with a counter color. You are sure to catch eyes with your boldness!!

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