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Alexa Vega’s hanging razor cut curls: Combining two styles into one!


Alexa Vega’s curly hairstyle makes us feel how curls can look so bouncy and of course hanging. She combines a beautiful razor cut on longer hair with the curls to get this hanging curly hairstyle. You need to get first a slant razor cut that may not leave any hair end blunt but you need to keep the length still longer. To style this hair cut start with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Use curl promoting serum and blow dry. Use mousse. Give a center partition to your hair. Take a thick curling rod. Take a thick section of hair and start curling them. When given enough heat, release the curls by moving the curling rod downwards so that the curls have a longitudinal effect. Produce voluminous curls throughout the mane. On the front, if you have bangs, curl the bangs towards a side and towards outside. When done, release these curls longitudinally too. Give a shot of hair spray and your hanging curly look is ready!

Wassup new:   Razor cut makes the curls assume different lengths as they come down. It looks beautiful when the curls naturally open up with time. Having a razor cut means that each strand of hair will curl at its own length and the longer strands hang down creating a natural feel. Try wearing a crystal head band with this hairstyle, it will promote your oomph and help you win more compliments. You might even try wearing a side crystal with it. You look awesome!


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