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Five Strand Dutch Braid


A five strand Dutch braid is one of the most unique and beautiful way of styling the braid into a braid. In this hairstyle only three strands of hair, are used which is similar to a traditional braid. It also looks like a French braid which is turned inside out as the hair will be weaved under the center strand and not over it. To create this style, try to wash the hair before starting the styling process and keep the hair wet during the braiding process for good results.

Begin the styling by combing the hair back of your head. Collect a three inch wide section of hair in your hand and separate it into five equally sized strands. Next hold two of the sections in the left hand and rest of the three sections in your right hand. Take the strand of hair on far-right side under both strand and under the middle strand of hair. Take the far-left strand under the strand right of it and under the center strand which will now become the center strand. Collect more hair from your right side of the head, and join it to the strand which is at the far right. Start adding hair from left side to the strand on your far left of the head and move it under the strand which is at the right and under the middle strand. Finally when you reach the end of the hair secure the braid with elastic.

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