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Solange Knowles With Nubian Braids


Solange Knowles has got a very unique hairstyle that is called as the nubian braids. It is a type of style that consists of hair extension which is usually used on the African American hair. In this hairstyle, hair will be twisted to create a form of protective styling and then worn for two months which can save your natural hair from heat and chemical products that use used daily. Even though this style looks more complicated to create, it is very less time consuming as you have to just braid each sections of the hair.

To achieve this hairstyle, divide the hair with the help of a wide-toothed comb from your forehead to back of the neck and next from your ear to ear. Dividing the hair is a very important step in this hairstyle as you can twist the hair easily in a proper pattern. Now secure each unused section of hair using hair clips to make it easier during the twisting process. Start stretching your hair out from end to end using your hands to create a fluffy texture. Take Nubian twist hair from the section of bulk hair and then spread a little amount of moisturizer which will make the twisting easy. Create a three-strand braid and change it into a two-strand twist to create a twisting pattern. Continue to twist the other sections of hair that was secured earlier in the same way until you twist all the hair.

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