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Thick voluminous updos at Issa Spring show: Folds and twists! Gorgeous and beautiful!


Models at Issa Spring show showed their most elegant side by endorsing a beautiful updo together with folds and twists that rocked the hairstyle. Their look seemed classy and gorgeous and reminded of past red carpet parties that flocked with elegant buns and updos. The look can be tried for some evening event and even prom night.

To have this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition well. Blow dry. Do not use anti frizz. Comb well and take a thick section of hair about three inches thickness from the extreme side of the front. Clamp the section. Take all the remaining hair and tease it well by backcombing. When teasing is done for making proper height and volume, collect the hair at the opposite side from the clamped section into a side poof. You will be able to make great poofs once your backcombing is done. Attach it with pins. You may even fold the hair or give it two or three twists on the side and then pulling the hair back for making a bun. At the back, collect all hair after pinning into a high ponytail. There is no need for combing once you have teased the hair Secure the ponytail with a rubber band. Wrap the ends of the tail around the neck of the ponytail. Use hair cushions for added volume to the updo. Now open the front section and comb well. Wrap all the hair from the front section around the whole of the updo at the back creating a sleek side sweep with the clamped section and then gradually moving it back to cover the updo.. Keep securing with bobby pins. Make sure that it gives an effect of a collected bun. Spray on. Attach a large bow behind, just below the updo to give some retro effect. Your updo is ready!!

Wassup new: Wear side crystal with this hairstyle to look more gorgeous and create the retro style back!

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