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Carla Gugino’s front bangs: The ‘w’ style statement!


Carla flaunts her hairstyle with her accompanying front bangs. Her bangs are swept to the front and she uses it maximum to enhance her face shape. You can go for many types of bangs like side swept, ultra side swept, pinned up side swept, blunt side swept, thin bangs, thick bangs, front swept, front blunt swept, thick front bangs, thin front bangs, center partitioned bangs, extra long bangs, forehead bangs, eye length bangs etc. Carla here wears front swept ‘w’ shaped bangs that purely compliments her face type and give an extra edge o her appearance.  ‘w’ shaped bangs are those bangs that have an inverted v-shaped cut in between the slantily cut front bangs. The bangs look very sexy and are a newer ingredient in this category. Have a look. The inverted v cut that is made in the middle carries the front sweep to the next level. This type of bangs can be accompanied with an updo, a chignon, a nautilus bun or a chinese bun or even a simple ponytail. Carla adorns here with a middle simple updo that is made by folding the hair towards upside and pinning then with bobby pins and then letting the ends hang out from over the fold. You can treat the ends the way you want to. Keep them curly or straight or wavy or muddled. The W shaped front bangs look good only if they are straight and sleek. Don’t forget to spray up when done. Try on!

Wassup new: Keep your accessories minimal. At the most you can wear a sleek headband behind the bangs while adorning it with a ponytail.

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