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Chinese criss cross hair sticks: Traditionally sexy!


Two hair sticks that are inserted into the hairdo as a criss cross form this hairstyle. Actually these hairsticks are fondly called as chopsticks since two of them are used for making the hairstyle. These hair accessories have been in style since long. They have their origin from the Chinese traditional hairstyles and are used to hold and adorn the different types of buns. Hair sticks are the long pencil like hair accessories that are inserted into the bun for the grip. They may be made of metal, plastic, wood, glass or ivory. Many sticks have small designs painted or carved on them that increase the show and pomp of the accessory. Hair sticks are usually found in five, six and seven inches measurement. If the bun is big, larger sticks may be used. Multiple sticks are used sometimes in traditional Chinese hairstyles but usually all over the world, a single stick is used for the bun engaging. Some sticks have chains hanging that are really beautiful and make the hairstyle look exotic. Some of these sticks have glass pieces attached and they look awesome.

Wassup new: They look gorgeous and can be adorned at any occasion. They complete the traditional Chinese bun looks and now are incorporated in modern hairstyles too. Its trendy and very stylish. Try on!

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