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Diane Kruger’s ‘Y’ shaped messy plait: Styling is fun!


We have seen beautiful plaits adorned by celebs and tried at home. Some of them were sophisticated, others were messy. Today’s hairstyle also comes under messy hair plaits. In this hairstyle two plaits that have been formed from top sides of the head are combined at the nape of the neck into one single plait. Altogether no neatness is required as it is a messy hairstyle which comes out to be a great hairstyle for any occasion. You can even adorn this hairstyle on a red carpet event. This look is sexy and at the same time girly and at times very cute. To create this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Comb well and blow dry. Don’t apply anti frizz serums or hair smoothening serums. Now give a center partition to your hair and make two sections on both the sides from the top front area. Make two braids out of each section, the braid need not be tidy and you may even pull out a few flicks from within the plaits. A braid is made by picking up a section of loose hair from the area adjacent to braid from both the sides and incorporating it in the braid with each weave. This way you will see that your braid will have connections to the roots every time you give a weave. When you reach the nape of the neck, combine the hair from both the sections to form a plait. Tie a silicon band at two inches from the ends. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!

Wassup new: This Y-shaped plait looks very girly and can be flaunted well by adding extensions of various colors. Add burgundy, red or pink extensions to look more girly. Experiment!

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