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Roman Braid


A Roman braid is one of the oldest ways of styling your hair which is a perfect choice for any special occasions like a wedding. Most often this hairstyle is characterized of being overly elaborate and it is also considered to be the simplest of style. In this hairstyle, there will be a wide thick braid that be placed around your head in a circular way. It is also a best choice for women who have naturally long hair or for those who wear hair extensions. Just follow these steps to achieve this hairstyle without getting help from any hair specialist.

To get this style, first backcomb the entire hair at the roots and then create a low part at the right side of your head. Next take a strand of hair two inches thick from the front side of your head and divide it into three even sections. Start braiding the hair by taking one of the outside sections on the middle section and then take the opposite outside section on the middle section of hair. Now take the alternate outside sections of hair on the middle section towards the left ear. Make sure that the braid must sweep across the top of your forehead. Secure the braid with hair elastic and tuck the tail end of the braid under the secured braid. Finally tease the braid with a rat-tail comb or pull it apart using your fingers to make it slightly messy.

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