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Rooney Mara’s polished small bun: Suave hairdo!


Rooney Mara has combined her effects of hairstyling and makeup to give this effect. She looks very sophisticated and polished as she wears a dark burgundy lipstick with a dark haired polished side parted back bun. The bun is simple and very sleek as hair have been moussed up well. The look is classic for ladies and can be tried at some special occasions. To get this hairstyle, start with a basic wash with a good shampoo and condition well your tips. Apply some hair smoothening serum and blow dry. Comb well. Apply mousse. Give a side partition to your hair. if your hair look lifeless and shineless even after applying a good quantity of mousse , you might switch for a shiner instead. Now collect back all hair without giving a flick out at the middle back of your scalp and make a ponytail out of it by tying a silicon band around it. Comb and twist the tail clockwise to form a spiral sausage. Wrap this sausage around the neck of the ponytail and tuck in the ends or fix with bobby pins. There goes your simple ballerina bun. If you want to you may let the ends be visible by fixing pins around one inch from the ends. Give a good shot of hairspray and combine with darker shades of makeup. You look very authoritative and   seductive the same time!!

Wassup new: Accessorize minimal with this hairstyle. Wear a single toned dark dress and you are the lady of the night!

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