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Carla Guginoโ€™s updo with beautiful bangs: Creating flair in hairstyles!


Carla Gugino sports here a style that is quite common. It is an updo with front hanging bangs that can suit almost any dress at any occasion. The hairstyle is very feminine and oozes great oomph. To get this hairstyle, start with basic washing and conditioning hair. Take a small section of hair on the front for the bangs and cut them in a slight slant on both sides keeping the length till the lower eyes or a little longer. Cutting in slant gives the haircut an edge and a natural feel along with quite substance. Get a hair wash with a volumising shampoo and a good conditioner. Keeping the bangs in the front, blow dry and apply mousse. Comb well. Collect all hair at the top back of the head and give an upfold. Tie with bobby pins below. Now, again give a second fold towards downside to the hair that are hanging from the first fold and tuck in the ends so that a rounded shape is formed and you get a round updo. Take a round hair brush and round up the ends of the front bangs and give a swiff of warm air from the hair dryer. The bangs will be more manageable and look sleek and sexy. At last, give a shot of hair spray and your hairstyle is done!

Wassup new: take care to get the bangs cut according to your face shape. Broader faces must endorse longer and side bangs and narrow faces must wear straight or shorter bangs for best.

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