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A Concave Bob is a hairstyle that is mostly worn by women who have short hair. In this hairstyle, the hair will be longer at the front and slightly shorter at the back of your head along with many layers. Most of the celebrities prefer this hairstyle as it gives a great look and it is also very easy to maintain. Here is a simple technique to achieve this hairstyle.
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To get this style, start the styling on a damp hair. Then part the back of your hair from ear to ear, across the top of your head. Start cutting the natural hairline along the back which will be the guide for the rest of your cut. Next comb the hair straight down over the ear and look at the guide line from ear to jaw line which will help to cut the hair in a clean straight line. Follow the same procedure to cut the hair on the other side of the head too. To create layer, take one-inch section at the center of the back and cut at 45 degree angle. Continue to cut the hair at the back of your head and move towards the left ear and then to the right ear. Section the hair across the top of your head and cut the corner of it to connect the back to the front. At last use a blow dryer over the hair and apply a styling wax to end the styling.
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