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Finger swept Messy hair with tiny ponytails: Messy boldness!


When hairstyles are kept simple, they are made egdy by little additions like beads, tiny ponytails, hair colors or hair clips etc. Models here show a hairstyle that has been kept very simple edgy and of course bold. It consists of messy finger swept hair with tiny ponytails at the back. The look is rock chic and carries the punk attitudic forward. Try on.

Wash your hair with a good volumising shampoo and apply conditioner. Do not apply anti frizz because that is what we want. Finger comb your hair along with hair drying, give a center partition. You can finger dry moving the fingers between chunks of hair at a time. When done, take some hair at the lower back and tie it with rubber band to make a tiny ponytail keeping the rest of the hair behind the ears to give a loose hair appearance. Give a shot of hair spray and you are done!

Wassup new: A look of a biker chic girl! Add aviators and your hairstyle will speak for itself. Rock on!

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