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Sexy thin fish plaits: Plaiting is fun!


Fish plaits are very beautiful to look at and considered quite an exotic hairstyle but often thought as one of the most difficult plaits to be made. Though practicing will make you perfect in plaiting, it is not an altogether difficult hairstyle. Let us tell you how to style your fish plait very easily. Get a hair wash and condition well your ends. Blow dry and apply mousse. Try on the first things like making a front poof from the top front part of your hairstyle or giving a side partition or keeping your bangs on the front or on the side. Collect all hair on the back near the nape of your neck and comb well. If you have more tangles in long hair, you might well apply more mousse to make them more manageable. Make a ponytail out of the collected hair at the back and tie a silicon band at its neck. Keep it tight. Now make two sections of the tail in equal proportions. Take a thin lock of hair from the extreme side of one section and moving it from over the same section, pass it to join the other section below. Similarly take the lock of hair from the extreme side of the other section and passing it over the same section join it with the opposite section moving from below the middle space. Keep doing this till you reach the ends. This is fish plait. It is easy though it may take much time. At the end, don’t forget to remove the rubber band from the neck of the ponytail to give a natural appearance.

Wassup new: Wear a head and with it, attach flowers or hair clips or hair combs. Hang some hair chains from the plait to look more exotic and different and of course sexy!!

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