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Thick sexy side plaits: Plaits in fashion!


Models adorn here a thick sexy side plait that have quite substance in them. The plaits can be made thick by adding hair extensions. The look is quite appealing, sexy and carries the messy trend forward as it is ongoing. The heavier hair can be woven into a locked plait and let it hang in front of your neck on one side. Impressive! The side plait has always been considered as one of the most appealing hairstyles as it gives a feminine aura to the hairstyling.

To get this hairstyle, start with a basic wash and then deep conditioning. Use hair smoothing serums to blow down heavy frizz and use mousse. Make a side part and on wet hair and comb well. Now bringing all hair on the front, weave a plait out of the combed hair. The plait can be your choice whether you want it to be tight or loose. Keep it loose, it is more sexy! Keep it tight and let the side bangs take their action. You can interwine the hair by dividing the hair into three sections and then passing one left section over the middle one and under the right one. Similarly repeat it with right section by passing it through the middle and then under the left. When about two and a half inches ends are left, tie them with a silicon band. On the front, comb the top layer just lightly touching the hair to give a sophisticated feel and you may pull out flicks from both sides or even from the locked in plait. You look absolutely awe!

Wassup new: Try it with a sexy side sleek headband. Wear it at a red carpet event and show off your feminine side. Carry it off and flaunt your sexiness.

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