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Woven Braid Hairstyle


A woven braid hairstyle is a very easy way of styling your hair for any occasion. In this hairstyle, the hair will be divided into three or more strands and then they will be weaved to each other by using your hands. You can also add any accessories while braiding the hair in this way. A simple and easy woven braid can be created by interlacing three strands of the hair. To achieve this hairstyle, just follow these simple methods as it does not require any hair specialist.

To begin the styling process, first wash your hair as usual with a shampoo and then comb it well with a brush to prevent tangles. Next divide the hair into three equal parts and tie a knot at the end of the hair. Use bobby pins to insert to secure the three strands for time being to make the braiding process easy. Now you must separate the three strands to position them vertically next to each other. Start pushing the strand at the left side on the middle strand and lift the strand at the right on the middle strand. This will be your braiding technique which must be followed till the end of the hair. At last tie a knot at the bottom of your braid or use any hair accessory to hold the hair in place. Sprtiz the hair with a hairspray and then remove the bobby pins that were used earlier to secure the hair.

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