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Retro front bowl roll with ponytails: Retro redefined at Nicolita Mercedes Benz fashion week!!


Models adorn here a beautiful bowl roll with back ponytail. The combination is unique and hairstylists have made them look exotic with addition of flowers and colorful accessories. The style is unique and looks very fresh though it is one of the retro chic hairstyles.

To create this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition properly. Now dab some hair serum onto wet hair and comb properly. Blow dry. Now take some hold defining gel onto your palm and spread it evenly throughout the hair while combing regularly. Make two sections of hair differentiating from the crest of the head. Keep the front section for making the front bowl while keep the back section for making a high ponytail. Tie a scrunchie around the ponytail to secure it. On the front, make a side partition. Start from the greater side. Take a small section of hair and comb it at an angle of sixty degrees. Dab some hair spray. Take a thick curling rod and engage its ends. Roll the rod over the hair to curl towards outside and upwards till you reach the roots. When enough heat has been given, slowly release the rod taking care not to open the curls. Now, give a good shot of hair spray over the curls and the roots too and fix the curls over the head, near the roots with pins. Comb from down to upwards to get a cleaner effect. Now take another section of hair and do the same till it forms a curl bowl on the top as shown. Fix the curls with bobby pins as they are released from the rod. Do hair spray a lot. From the side of the ear onwards and upwards, keep combing so that the hair shape like clean, standing hay. On the greater side, first create some height by combing the hair upwards on the front and then bending at sixty degrees to create the curls. Once done, you look as chic and feminine as the original retro ladies used to be!

Wassup new: When curls are done, pin the curls to each other too by attaching a bobby pin sideways that will hold all curls in one section together. If you have shorter hair and want to try this look, you can use fake half doughnut rings and curl your hair around them to create the curl bowl effect!! This combination looks funky and very stylish!




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