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Suave poof with a back bun: Totally polished!


Mesmerized with polished effects, here we have a polished front poof with a back bun totally panached with sleekness and bountiful of class. The look is extremely sleek and office going though it can be endorsed on a red carpet event too. Try this once. Start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Use heavy mousse to combat waves and frizz. Comb back the hair and separate out a front section in the top middle. Comb properly to get a nice sleek stretch of hair and clamp it. Now, you need a moderately sized poof hair cushion to make the height and volume of the poof. Attach it just behind the roots of the clamped hair. Pull over the clamped stretch of hair over it and pin well with bobby pins. Now, collect all the back hair and twist it clockwise to form a tight sausage. Wrap this sausage into concentric rolls over the back of the head. Fix with bobby pins. Give a good shot of hairspray and wella! Your hairstyle is ready to flaunt!

Wassup new: This look goes well without accessories. Simple, sleek and very much polished. If you need extra shine, you might need a shiner. Show off!

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