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Fluffy messy hair on the row: Back swept for display!


Messy hair trend is seen today in plaits, ponytails, poofs, buns and even loose. Since we know that the messy hair trend is on we can go to any lengths to keep it going well, the celebs love it and so do we! One looks quite girly and hippie kind. The hairstyle is fluffy, messy and each hair strand is on display exquisitely. The hairstyle can match any outfit to be worn and as this summer’s trend goes on, it’s the favourite among the red carpet walkers! To create this hairstyle, start with basic shampooing and conditioning. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothing serums since we want out hairstyle to carry on with the messy outlook. Comb well and blow dry. Make two sections, front and back taking care not to make any partition. Now, take all of the front section and comb it nicely leaving the back section as such. Take the front section in one hand, holding the ends and with a nice tight comb back comb it pulling the hair upwards and tease it about three four times with a light force so that you get a nice fluffy texture of the hair strands that will aid in increasing the height and volume of the hair. Now, take thick rollers and wrap the ends of this section around them. Then tease the back section upwards and similarly attach the rollers at the ends. Give a round of warm air from the dryer on the rollers.Β  Release them soon. When done, use your fingers to open up the end curls and get a bouncy fluffy messy loose hair. This look is fabulous!!

Wassup new: Keep the hair loose for any party without accessorizing much. Compliment it with large earrings and off you go to make everyone envy!! Bold and beautiful!!

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