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Hairstyle With Short Mullet


A short mullet can be a perfect way of styling the hair for those who prefer short hairstyle. Most of the people will wear a mullet hairstyle only if the hair is long, but you can still have this style even if the hair short. You can also create feathered layers, longer layers, bangs or spikes just like the way it is created on the hair is long. It is considered to be the most instantly recognizable hairstyles and if you are looking to have a very unique hairstyle this one can be the best choice.

To create this hairstyle, first refer to photos which have this hairstyle for reference as it will help to make the styling look good. Begin to cut the sides short then feather them back. Next spread a little amount of styling product on your fingers and sculpt the hair towards the back. Make sure to keep the hair that is long at the back of your head as the mullet is easily recognized at the back. Whether the hair is straight or curly try to keep the back part of it long. Also keep the hair short and spiky on top of the head. After finishing the cut haircut it should look short from the front and long in the back. You can easily maintain the mullet with regular haircuts on top as well as side of the head and leave the hair at the back to grow.

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