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Leslie Mann’s perfect waves: Swept to one side beautifully!


Leslie’s hair has her own story. Beautifully made and sculpted with time, they cast a magic upon the beholder. The side swept look is ultra feminine and mesmerizing. It can be worn over a red carpet event or a wedding too. Quite appealing, this look carries the elegance of a lady in plenty! To create this hairstyle, you need a proper wash with a volumising shampoo and then a curl promoting conditioner. Apply some anti frizz serum and blow dry. Make a side partition of the hair. Take a thick curling rod. Take a thick section of hair and start curling them. Make sure that the curls should be even and start from the same point as the adjacent ones so that a ripple like effect is created. Release them slowly pulling them downwards so that no tight curls are formed, only we get the waves. Move all the hair to one side of the neck on the front. Give a shot of light hairspray and your hairstyle is done for the party!

Wassup new: Use a side crystal to endorse the lesser side of the partition. it will speak for you!! Sheer elegance in simplicity!

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