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Lindsay Lohan With Tight Waves


Lindsay Lohan has got a hairstyle with tight waves that look fashionable as well as feminine always and it can be created easily even if the hair is naturally curly. For those who don’t have a curly hair there is few styling products that can be used to achieve the right look. Loose waves can be created easily than the tight waves but it will consume more time. To create tight waves you can use a combination of styling products and heat styling tools.

It is easy to get this style, first mist a little amount of thermal setting spray all over the hair when it is damp. Mist the roots as well till the ends of the hair and leave the hair to dry naturally. You can also use a blow dryer if you don’t want to wait for a long time. Take one inch sections of hair and wrap it around a small-barrel curling iron. The wrapped hair must start at the top and then continue till the bottom of curling iron. Leave the hair in the iron for about 15-30 seconds before removing it. Use the same procedure on other sections of the hair to create the waves. At last spritz all over the hair using a little amount of hairspray and then finger comb the hair to divide the curls to end the styling. Make sure to avoid pulling the hair out while styling it with your fingers.

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