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Pinned wet hair at Prada spring 2012: Sexy and bold!


Wet hair has been in the trend since long and has lost its hold from the scenario but still occasionally we spot someone carrying off this hairstyle well and feel, gosh! It still looks that sexy! At Prada fashion show, models showcased a hairstyle that had a side sweep pinned with bobby pins. The wet hair were suavely combed and drifted to one side. The whole look at the show was mysterious and feminine. This hairstyle is best suited for runways and beach parties. To create this hairstyle, wash your hair with a good shampoo and a conditioner. Apply lots of mousse to wet hair. Comb well and give a side partition. Pull a few flicks over the forehead and pin the greater side of the partition with black or other colorful bobby pins. Let the wet ends hang down. The look is chic and sexy! Combine this look for a colorful disc party or a beach blast.

Wassup new: Wear flowers or crystals on side instead of bobby pins to enhance the look. The overall look is appealing and very girly. Try on!

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