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Front blob hairstyle: Messy but gorgeous!


The hairstyle is very cool and takes out the different ‘you’ from yourself! Models wearing this hairstyle look very feminine and authoritative. This hairstyle is pure rebel kind but looks extremely gorgeous. Messy front blob hairstyle comprises of a top front side blob with an overall outlook messy. The style is quite girly and worth a try. To create this hairstyle, start with shampoo and a conditioner. Do not use hair smoothing serums or anti frizz. Blow dry and comb well. Make a dawdled side partition. Take a thick section of hair from the top front of the greater side of the partition. Using a tight toothed comb, tease and backcomb the section to create the height and volume. Teasing and back combing is done by moving the comb through the hair to and fro, while holding the ends of hair in one hand and the comb in the other.  For better results, use a teasing lotion. Comb lightly the uppermost layer of the hair to give a little neat effect and not plentiful frizzy look. When done, with your hands, make a round bun or irregular blob with the teased hair on the top front of the head and fix with bobby pins wherever necessary. Take a straightener and straighten up the ends and let them fall on your forehead to give an impression of having bangs.  Take rest of the hair and taking in small sections fix them around the front blob from behind using bobby pins to give an updo effect. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: The hairstyle is very girly and you can make it more glittery by using glitter thread inside the blob or attaching some crystal hair clips. This hairstyle is chic. Try on!

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