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Front roll hairstyle: Retro revisited!


This hairstyle brings the retro to the front. Although it seems difficult but it is quite an easy hairstyle to make. The look is great, lady like and quite authoritative. The look is quite famous on red carpet and many celebs adorn it in various ways. To create this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition properly. Now dab some hair serum onto wet hair and comb properly. Blow dry. Now take some hold defining gel onto your palm and spread it evenly throughout the hair while combing regularly. Divide your hair into three sections. Two side sections and one center one. Clamp the side sections and comb well the middle one. Give a neat combing and pull all hair on the front top of your head. Tie a rubber band around it to form a ponytail. Make sure that your head is bent forward to create this hairstyle. Now twist this ponytail clockwise to form a roll. Keep rolling till the ends. Now give a fold to this roll and wrap it neatly into a single or double fold according to the length of your hair and pins the ends. You can either make a horse shoe shaped roll or a concentric roll or simply a simple round roll. Pin the ends with bobby pins. Now open the side sections and comb well and bring the locks over the back of the roll and wrap it around it. Pin the ends with bobby pins wherever necessary. You can give a flowered shape to the front roll and decorate it beautifully. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: decorate it with hair chains and hair clips. It looks gorgeous, have a look.

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