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Twisted rows hairstyle: Hippie, girly and beautiful!!


This hairstyle has become one of my favourite since the first day I learnt about it. The look is very girly, experimentive and very beautiful. Of course the hairstyle is not that polished and has messiness included in it, yet this hairstyle is very manageable and sexy! This hairstyle consists of twisted hair rows on the front and twisted hair locks hanging from behind. Ultra ruly! Lets try this. To create this hairstyle, start with a basic wash and conditioning. Use mousse. Now make two sections of hair, one front like when we make a half tie and second on the lower back of the head. Clamp the back portion. On the front, comb well giving a back sweep. Make multiple thin parts from this section. Take a tiny section, comb well after applying some hair gel so that the base looks flat after combing the section. Now, twist it clockwise and after two inches, pin it up at the back. Twist the hanging portion too using hair gel profusely so that the hairstyle may stay at place. Make multiple twisting rows with the thin sections. When done, open the back portion and making thin sections out of it, twist them similarly as with the front section and let the twisted strands hang down. You need to use hair gel in plenty for the hairstyle to take hold. Give a shot of hairspray and you are done!!

Wassup new: This hairstyle is girly and quite experimenting. Use some extensions preferably colored ones and create a ripple in fashion. Try on!

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