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Crochet Hair Weave


A crochet hair weave is a trendy way of styling your hair. It is a very simple hairstyle that can help to change your look dramatically. Including a crochet weave into your hair can also be a protective hairstyle because your real hair will not be visible. It is mostly preferred by women who like to protect their hair and if they want to avoid regular hairstyling. Here is a simple step that can help to create this style.

To achieve this hairstyle, first part the hair at the middle or you can also create a slanted part. Start braiding the hair that goes to the back in cornrows. Now use a sewing needle to sew the end of the cornrow to main braid with a basic stitch sewing method. Cut the thread at the end and tie a sturdy knot to separate it from the cornrow to create a base. Spritz the hair with a holding spray over the braid and send a crochet needle under the first cornrow closest to the ear from the hairline. Use a thin piece of crocheting weave and wrap it around the hook of the crochet needle. Now cover the latch on the crochet needle and then pull the hair halfway through your braid. At last collect both ends of crochet hair to create a knot and secure it in place. This hairstyle can consume more time but it can be worn for months depending upon your hair type.

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