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Hayden Panettiere’s muddle chignon: Messy elegance!


Hayden wore a disheveled messy chignon hairstyle that heavily complimented by her dress and her skin tone. The chignon was messy yet it was so attractive and appeared very elegant. The hairstyle made the feminine side of Hayden come out on display. Her whole look was messy that suited her outlook a lot. This hairstyle is a must try and of course very feminine for any event. To get this, start with the basic wash and conditioning. Apply some mousse. Finger comb your hair or use a very wide toothed comb. Now if your hair is ultra straight you may need to go for a little teasing or backcombing but if your hair is wavy then you can follow the following steps. While your hair are still wet, make a side partition to the hair. Using your fingers make curls onto your hair from the strands that are made from a wide toothed comb and while you make, you can blow dry them so that the waves may retain. Do this for whole of your tresses. Do not use comb again on the back while you can do that on the front. When done, sweep back your hair and collect them at the nape of your neck. Mash them with your hands to give a muddled and a messy look. Fold them upwards giving a wide base and pin them with ends hanging from above. Fix whole hair likewise. Let the ends hang. If the ends are too long, take a curling rod and curl them into short curls. Pull out front longer flicks out and give a dash of hairspray, your look is fine to go. Try on!

Wassup new: Attach a silver hair pin at the back of this muddle chignon. You will be loved! You can keep your bangs anyway you want, curly or straightened with this hairstyle. Anyone would go!


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